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When one amazing song pops up it influences the listener(s) to break out in random and weird dance. The dancers lose awareness of their surroundings and make fools of themselves
At the prom Charlie and Glen heard "right round" by Flo Rida and they started an Awkward Dance Breakout in a sexual and innapropriate dance manner. Everyone was creeped out by them and they stood their distance away from them for the rest of the night
by Little Canada June 08, 2010
A greeting to one of the most amazing people in your inner circle of friends. When someone is a papa they have been appointed your leader. Papas are dangerous though they can turn into douche mode at any time. Be careful.
Me and papa todd were hanging out after school with reid, danny, griff and sam. Sam threw a chair at papa todd and then papa todd lifted sam into the air and snapped his back over his knee.
by Little Canada June 08, 2010
An opponent of equal or greater skill compared to yourself. They are clever and deviant. Can't trust them so always bring backup
Danny was playing a card carrying commie in Battleship. Danny had to go to the bathroom. While in there the commie switched his ships around and won on that. If danny had brought friends it might not have ended that way.
by Little Canada June 08, 2010

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