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Phrase that indicates sudden sexual pleasure or orgasm (male or female). Or if you want, it could mean absolutely nothing, only that you wanted to say "Ohhh, monkey." If used during sex, the phrase is then emphasized. "OHH, MONKEY!" *Must be said with an "oh face" and a voice similar to one having an orgasm.*
"Hey, check out that girl over there. She's practically naked."
"Ohh, monkey.."

"Hey, babe."
"Ohh, monkey." (suddenly jizzes on face)
by Little Brown Brother October 14, 2010
When you can tell by just looking at a person (male or female, preferably female) that they suck dick, have sucked a dick, or might suck a dick.
"Dude, that girl has a suck-a-dick mouth.... You should ask her out."
by Little Brown Brother October 16, 2010
That's pretty cool. That's awesome. Sweet. That puts hair on my balls.

This phrase pretty much describes anything that looks, seems, or is cool in any way, shape, or form.
That's pretty salty.
by Little Brown Brother December 02, 2010

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