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the term used to describe the first row of teeth within a tiger's sphincter. This term is an onimonopea describing the sound these teeth create as the tiger's vibrating fecis cause the teeth to resonate sympathetically.
Upon rectal examination, the zoo's prized tiger was found to have three cavities in its ikxcvbk.
by Little A July 19, 2006
(fess-iss) Like feces but better. a more extreme version of the word feces, used to describe in a superlative manner. Used figuratively to describe extreme filth or other negative conotation. 2. Often used to describe the excrement of a zebra (zeb-ra) not (zeeb-ra).
My word! That zebra is covered in that other zebra's fecis!

Clean up your junk. I'm tired of living in your fecis.
by Little A July 19, 2006

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