4 definitions by LiteratOurist Melih

A teen ager gangster who bullying bravely and have balls more than his coevals.Kind a hot prospected young gangsta. Also a hip-hop trio who named 'Da Youngstas' in hip-hop world.
I aint give a shit to youngstas instead of veteran mobsters.
by LiteratOurist Melih December 31, 2009
A joke for lost pets.Saying 'A car must be crashed it' ingeniously
I couldn't find my hamster.I'm afraid to he is gonna be street pizza soon..
by LiteratOurist Melih December 31, 2009
Disturbing people distastefully,saying or doing unpleasent things..
Harrasing me about my smoking may be hazardous to your health!
by LiteratOurist Melih December 28, 2009
A business with plenty of money. Gangs use it before robbery for tell how its gonna be beneficial mostly.
Come on man,this job fucking juicy you will be new Richie Rich.
by LiteratOurist Melih December 29, 2009

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