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To help out another person in trying to get acquainted with, converse with, or hook up with a member of the opposite sex.

Essentially, the antonym of cock block.
John: Dude, hook me up with that friend of yours.

Mike: You mean with Alyssa?

John: Yeah, you guys know each other pretty well right? You gotta cock support me bruh, hook a brotha up.

Mike: Alright man, I'll just walk pass her, act like a dick, and knock some books out of her hand. Then you come out of the shadows and walk up to her and help her with her books and she'll think you're some kind of nice guy/hero all of a sudden.

John: Yeah sounds great bruh!

Mike: No prob, I always act like a dick towards girls anyways.
by Lishao Tao October 02, 2011

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