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1 definition by LisaR

A ridiculously wealthy suburban community in Northern Virginia where $500,000 houses are crappy and are the houses that the poor people live in. It is within 20 miles of 4 highschool, 6 elementary schools, and about 6 middle schools. People who grew up or live in Virginia Run are rich, usually have 3 car garages, own at least 1 lexus and a Mercedes SUV for fun, and there are no houses with less than 5 huge bedrooms. Virginia Runners think that London Towne is the "ghetto." We always get stuck in traffic, and everyone who lives in Virginia Run has goten a ticket on Pleasant Valley Road at some point in their life in their BMW. The worst crime commited in Virginia Run is a 10 year old ringing your doorbell then running behind a bush to see your reaction. IN virginia run, there are several commitees of bored housewives who determine what color ur shutters and doors can be, the way your garden and yard can look, and what kind of swing set you may have in your back yard. Basically, Virginia Run is where the rich people who hate southern virginia live.
I live in the second wealthiest county in the nation, Fairfax County, and drive my lexus to school everyday, because i am from virginia run. My shutters match my door, and my garden got yard of the month 3 times in a row.
by LisaR December 12, 2005
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