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A group of three talented young men from New Jersey who formed a band after the youngest, Nick, was discovered by Columbia Records.

They are immensly popular and are unfortunately hated on by ignorant teenagers who have no lives.

They are one of, if not the only actually talented group of musicians to ever come from Disney. They write their own songs (and the songs of others ie: Demi Lovato and Honor Society), play their own instruments (Nick: drums, guitar, vocals, and piano; Joe: drums, guitar, vocal, tamborine, keytar; Kevin: mandolin, guitar, and vocals), and always sing live (unlike, that Hannah/ Miley girl who uses a body double on stage.)

They are gentlemen and all wear purity rings on their wedding-ring finger. Symbolizing their vow to follow what they believe in and stay sexually pure until marriage. NOT because they are "homos" or "saving themselves for each other" like immature teenage guys like to write here.

They are truley loved by all their fans and deserve all the great opprotunities that are coming their way with their rising popularity.

Idiotic Teenage Guy on Writing on Urban Dictionary: Definition of the Jonas Brothers...Fags, Cock Suckers, etc...
MATURE Teenager reading above comment: WOW. You must be REAAALLY cool.

Girl 1: WOW. Did you hear that the Jonas Brothers are the favorite to win Best New Artist at the Grammy's?
Girl 2: Yeah! They deserve it! They're one of the only band's that truely care about their fans anymore. Plus they're so talented. Did you hear about that charity concert they did last week? They raised a ton of money for the Change For the Children Foundation!
Girl 1: Yeah, they're great guys.
by LisaMarieGoesToUSC February 04, 2009

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