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A term in the restaurant industry referring to a ridiculously small tip, sometimes literally a pile of change.

A gratuity that is significantly less than what is expected by waiter.

A gratuity that is disproportionate to service rendered and grossly beneath the industry standard.
I thought I was gonna make some decent money tonight than table 53 leaves me a big cunt pile of change.

Hey cheap ass! With this cunt pile I can to go to med school in a third world country and study gross anatomy on a mother fucking goat.

by Lisa Lawnchair July 10, 2008
A description of bad body odor. Sometimes in reference to a smelly cab driver with body odor, "cabby pits", but can be used to describe any bad B.O.
I couldn't enjoy my meal captain cabby pits across the table put me off of my food.

That was the longest taxi ride to the airport of all time. Cabby pits galore!!! I had to breath through my mouth to keep from puking.
by Lisa lawnchair July 10, 2008
An entry level restaurant employee who is degraded by superiors and lazy colleagues when forced to do menial tasks.
Hey bartender, pass your own appetizers!!! I'm not your fucking salad dog!!!
by Lisa Lawnchair June 17, 2008
A double fist-ed cunt punch. Usually thrown in a circular motion to deliver punch with maximum force.
I'm going to fucking "lunch box" that bitch to the moon.
by Lisa Lawnchair July 10, 2008
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