168 definitions by Lisa

A form of saying "anyways" more creatively.
newaiz, i went to this party and i saw two hot guys.
by Lisa March 23, 2005
when the dick rejects the pussy.
when the pussy is so scary the dick hauls ass.
by Lisa January 13, 2004
expression showing the idiotic obviousness of a fact
the smurfs are blue
a der!!!!
by lisa November 11, 2003
Slater from Saved by teh bell has one.. Head hair that relembles hair from your nether regions.. in mullet form.
Dude, Yolanda's pube mullet is OFF DA HOOK!!!

Ew, pube mullets are so hidious.
by Lisa January 25, 2005
Lamer than lame, an ultimate low. Unworthy of life
Susie's hoop earrings and crimped hair made her look like a lame-o-sexual 80's reject.
by Lisa January 18, 2005
The coolest thing ever. You cannot even compare to its coolness.
by Lisa July 03, 2003
lips that are full and soft
Brad's lips are so bradlipulous.
by Lisa March 27, 2005

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