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168 definitions by Lisa

expression showing the idiotic obviousness of a fact
the smurfs are blue
a der!!!!
by lisa November 11, 2003
23 15

he's always been there when I needed him he is a HC friend
by Lisa June 15, 2003
85 77
when the dick rejects the pussy.
when the pussy is so scary the dick hauls ass.
by Lisa January 13, 2004
26 19
Lamer than lame, an ultimate low. Unworthy of life
Susie's hoop earrings and crimped hair made her look like a lame-o-sexual 80's reject.
by Lisa January 18, 2005
14 8
another word for a Bitch, or when they are irritating a guy and he just wants to let them knwo it
L: your hair looks bad
T: alright Princess
by Lisa May 16, 2004
54 48
lips that are full and soft
Brad's lips are so bradlipulous.
by Lisa March 27, 2005
7 2
a 2.88 bootie from walmart, which can be worn on both feet.
rachel wears it with the buttons out, and liz wears it with the buttons in. whos right? both..its a unishoe
by lisa November 11, 2004
4 0