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An endearing nickname for a deaf dog which lives her life with zest, love and loyalty.
Wednesday, you are my dilla!
by Lisa February 12, 2005
abbreviation for "just"
js wait a sec!
by Lisa February 19, 2004
to mess things up in such a way as to affect great numbers of people,

to percieve posession of authority in such a manner as to lord it over others
Why'd you wells that request?
What's with the wells attitude?
by Lisa December 27, 2003
A stupid band with predictable lame songs about amy lees miserable black depression hole of alife when in reality shes a rich spoiled daddys girl that decided to go goth to sell records.
Stupid girl- OMG OMG OMG Did u like hear the new evanescence song???

Smart girl- Stfu.
by Lisa April 14, 2004
of great luxus
yeah, don't try to compete! my porn rhymestyle is indeed superior to your seedy creed to ya hip-hop crew/fleet. whatever... I just call'em shiit! kiss my feet!
by Lisa June 15, 2003
"An Honest to God Bonefied 'Where did that guy come from' star"!
do you think he made a wrong u turn and ended up at the American Idol auditions, cause he's TOO GOOD for American Idol!
by Lisa September 12, 2004
1)what you may call a lass who seems to be slightly on the prude side
2)an unfortunate child with this exact name
'yo im gonna do the corkscrew with prudence tomorrow' - person #1
'yo, shit really? prudence...isn't she a bit..pruuude'
by lisa November 12, 2002
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