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a team that will always be in a first, and will always beat the red sox. people will say they buy their championships, but isnt that part of baseball....making good trade to better help your team? hmm... cuz i thought so! The red sox..and their fans, are just jelous that they cant beat the yankees. The only way they can beat NY...is play the METS!!
What place are the yankees in?

why do u even ask... their always in first

"it is october....and the yankees are still beating boston by 8"
by Lisa July 24, 2004
when u take crystal aka tweak and you cant stop talking walking around or you cant sleep.
" tweaker's are always amped
by Lisa April 09, 2004
shit on a stick u dumbass!!!
the hobo saw a shitty stick and decided to eat it!
by Lisa February 16, 2004
1) ething you wear in an art class to prevent your ensamble from getting ruined
2) something you wear while having mad sex to prevent your ensamle from getting unknown bodily fluids all over it
dont worry sarah, this sock will prevent kevina from getting jiz on your new socks
by lisa November 12, 2002
cool or really cool
Fream is the freamest word in the whole world.
by LISA November 28, 2003
you could either pour milk on it or pee in holes with it
cocopuffs thinks diega it a friega
by Lisa November 08, 2002
A dark complected dude who drives around in a pathfinder constantly inviting random people to "check it out"
Dan is such a brown guy
by Lisa December 06, 2003

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