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Fat stupid hat that ruled the Hawaiian islands way back when
He had kankles too
King kankles
honk if you think my kankles are sexy
by lisa December 31, 2004
1) a cute and somewhat scrumptious object of affection
2) something you may mumble while sitting near a poon
theo is a huggable poon
by lisa November 11, 2002
Web site devoted to documenting underground internet culture. See www.ashadebelow.org
by Lisa July 23, 2003
a higher level of crackin
I cant wait to play this song in my car, it slaps!
by Lisa February 23, 2005
When one or more people take advantage of an unsuspecting person that they are "partying with. Take money and drugs from the person.
Chris, c'mon down to the hotel, Tanya has a great "crush", some guy from Dallas, he's got tonnes of cash and wants to smoke crack.
by Lisa October 10, 2004
1.german wartank
2.strong, broad, phat.
3.a VERY fat girl
ooh, that hip hop beat sure s'got a lotta bass ... so panzer!

she says she's big-boned... I say she's jabba! ...what a panzer! PUN-TSAH!!
by Lisa June 15, 2003
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