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168 definitions by Lisa

A man who has tendencies of a woman. Takes care of his appearance and loves to go shopping. Has more girl friends than guy friends. Very independent and really doesn't need a girl to be happy because he is already happy with himself.
my friend brett morgan is veeeerry metro.
by Lisa January 29, 2005
major dyke on a bike!!!
hey kneecola, lets go for a bike ride and hold hands, like dykes on bikes
by Lisa February 26, 2004
nothingness; use with aim
~fly crap
by lisa February 21, 2004
the lying eight is the symbol of infinity.

so crazy eight means... for a very long time.

don't let da smurfs catch you... they'll kick ya into prison... and keep you there crazy eight. (for ever)
by Lisa June 16, 2003
A Hairy Vagina Hole.
I would Love To Shove my Schlong in Your Cooter.
by Lisa May 22, 2004
The CORRECT way to spell "rolling on the floor laughing"
I roffled at the joke.
by lisa December 02, 2003
1.german wartank
2.strong, broad, phat.
3.a VERY fat girl
ooh, that hip hop beat sure s'got a lotta bass ... so panzer!

she says she's big-boned... I say she's jabba! ...what a panzer! PUN-TSAH!!
by Lisa June 15, 2003