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168 definitions by Lisa

What Emily orders at the Mexican restaurant.
Emily: I think I'm going to get a chimichaunga &ricew/cheese.
by Lisa February 16, 2004
any little minded person in a blue uniform... lika cop. ..
yeah, 'tis been a fine party... until da smurfs showed up... playing friggin razzia-mazzia and so...
by Lisa June 16, 2003
a man whose dick will go either way... a bisexual man
"Fred likes to have sex with men *and* women?"
"Yeah, he's ambidixtrous."
by Lisa January 30, 2004
A girl that is a vivacious, young bird that also likes to be a girl banger.
Hey Honey babeometer, did you make Nookeridge Farms last night?
by Lisa January 09, 2004
A situation that makes you think twice.
Brothaman's shizzle is dicey cuz his dizzle tapped many a beeatch.
by Lisa October 12, 2003
nothing; use with aim
~What's up?
~Goose egg. You?
by lisa February 21, 2004
A man who has tendencies of a woman. Takes care of his appearance and loves to go shopping. Has more girl friends than guy friends. Very independent and really doesn't need a girl to be happy because he is already happy with himself.
my friend brett morgan is veeeerry metro.
by Lisa January 29, 2005