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168 definitions by Lisa

means the same as owned, only perhaps worse
L: pokes Froggy
F: pokes back
B: You got ownst Froggy
by Lisa May 19, 2005
8 7
a sexy person of australian decent. a gangsterrrrizzllee that i like to personally holler at dawg. my brother in fact. a llama as well. and my other half
yo that sperro is ffiiiineee!
by lisa December 13, 2004
1 0
Michael is so hardears. He wouldn't stop interferring with the computer.
by Lisa April 30, 2003
3 2
getting a sample; putting in your opinion
"Let me bite into this"
by lisa February 19, 2003
8 7
a female that appears to be rather frogish
laura, from our chorus class is such a froglona
by Lisa November 07, 2002
1 0
number one underground show..hahah yes ppl we are cool cuz only we know about that show!! and stan is funny and xev is beutiflu and kai would be sexy if he wasnt so pasty and dead, buh hes the best assasin and they all live happily ever afterin the month, their home, the lexx....best show!!
"i missed lexx last night, has xev had any sexual fantasy fullfilled yet?"
by lisa February 04, 2005
10 10
something said on the phone to me and I was convinced that it WAS a word.... and now it is.

I love you Kyle
he was bettering the butter
by Lisa August 12, 2004
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