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168 definitions by Lisa

A set of breasts---on a man. Not as large of a cup size as say---moobs, but firmer than mantitties.
Nice rack-of-man there, Chuck. What's your bra size?
by Lisa August 18, 2004
A 14 yr old leet hax0r. ';' She pwn you in CS. Watch out. ~-'
Cat: -377 '/35!
Cat: <~1337
Cat: major cser
Cat: 8B
by Lisa February 16, 2004
a common phrase spoken by the typical dicombobulated male or those impersonating one
'i can't wait to get my freak on with kevina at the dance tonight' -said male #1

'shit really?' intelligently responded male #2
by lisa November 12, 2002
Condition that a person finds themself in after many days of doing cocaine (usually CRACK). Subject becomes twitchy and also makes strange humming type sounds which they are unble to control.
That chick Tanya is really tizik again, she should really get some sleep.
by Lisa October 09, 2004
stylish ...down to the core.

not fake.
believe me... she's like buddha, jesus, ghandi, sledge hammer and macguyver all in one breathtaking person... she's really stylecore!
by Lisa June 15, 2003
The Holy Grail which every guy searches for. The perfectest, sweetest, besy poon-tang ever.
Get on your knees and pray to my Excelciar.
by Lisa March 13, 2003
a male that appears to be rather frogish
joe-joe, in our science class, is such a froglone
by Lisa November 07, 2002