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A slang word for a nollie tre flip in skateboarding that sorrow skate team and burgess hill use frequently
"If only my trousers were as low as that, I could trollie over that house"
by Lion0heart July 06, 2008
A phrase that can be used for many things

1. To shout "BANG" while moving
2. To have have sexual intercourse in something moving
Dave: "Hey Reece, shout bang into that phone box."

Reece: "Ok, BANG!!!"

Dave: "Wow that was such a mobile bang"

Example 2:

Bob: "Hey Mum, lets have sex in that mobile home."

Mum: "OK, let's get started immediately"

Bob: "Wow we just had a mobile bang"

by Lion0Heart August 01, 2008

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