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Originally a regional term from the suburbs of South London, 'Lion Paw' is a greeting as well as a mark of respect used amoungst peers.

Though originally coined by 'Kids of Saaf Lond.' - 'Lion Paw' was adopted by a couple of Hospitality workers in the Midlands in the late 90's and has since spread through thier own peers and close associates and continues to grow today.

Often said whilst accompanied by 'The Paw' - a handshake which, at its most basic, has each of the two 'participents' palms pressed to one another (fingers pointed skywards in a Native American 'How' style). Both hands turn approx 15 degrees anticlock-wise against each other and the fingers of each persons hand fold to grip the others pad on the right of thier hand.

This 'handshake' can (and has been) evolved and developed into more intricate styles though every 'true' interpretation maintains the key 'Paw' part of the hand shake.
"Coast to coast, shore to shore - you gotta keep it real with the Lion Paw" - Confuscious

"Paw that s**t up!!" - often said with elation in appreciation of something a comrade has said / done / made refrence to.

"You know the score, Lion Paw"

"Flash me..." (or) "Bust me..." - "...a Paw" - by way of a request for a 'Paw' to celebrate / acknowledge a moment of triumph or when reuniting with a comrade after time apart.

'Lion Paw' - Said alone this can be interpretted in many ways depending on the context (Similarly to "Forget about it" the Italian Amarican phrase). Can mean any of the following: Well Done / Bravo / Good Times / I know what you mean / You know what I mean / Hello / Goodbye ...and no doubt more than that.
by Lion Paw March 23, 2008
A common missconception is that to 'Coin' a phrase means that you are the first person say/write a phrase that is then adopted by the general public.

In fact, to 'coin a phrase' is the first person to earn a buck from it - for example: in the press.
"When you come down to 'brass tacks' - if we may be allowed the expression - everybody is governed by selfishness."

All of the other known early citations either originate in, or refer to, Texas. It is reasonable to assume that the phrase was coined there, in or about the 1860s.
by lion paw March 28, 2008

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