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3 definitions by Lino1

Sexual intercourse.

Legover is multi-purpose and gender non-specific, and is therefore a useful term for all flavours of sexuality.

Indicates a serving of sexual enjoyment rather than a specific act.
"I am hoping for a little bit of legover tonight"
by Lino1 January 19, 2008
25 3
Northern English.

1) A friendly enquiry about the health of one's paternal relative.

2) A phrase to use when you've temporarily lost the right word. Or want to hide that word in order to shield more delicate ears.

3) Sexual intercourse or similar intimate entertainment requiring euphemistic reference. Accompanied by winking and smiling.
1) How's yer father?

2) *indignant* Well that's a fine how's-yer-father, in't it?

3) We had a lovely picnic, got pleasantly drunk, then spent the whole afternoon in lazy, sunny how's-yer-father.
by Lino1 January 19, 2008
8 4
Pertaining to any behaviour that could be construed as "Queeny" (with thanks to Shaun Keavney's Breakfast Show, BBC6 Music).
Ian's mincey strop was most reginatory.
by Lino1 August 14, 2007
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