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Used in a pool.

When swimming and trying to splash someone, bringing your legs to the surface of the water and splashing, thereby giving the other person a very hydrating time in the pool.
"I think I'll practice my kicking right here."
"This is a nice place to practice my kicking."
"I believe I need to practice my kicking."

"You know, I think that a good strategy in Pool Tag is to practicing kicking when you are about to get caught."
by Linn Ultimatihah September 13, 2009
Work Like Hell, but in chatspeak.
Text convo (conversation):

hey did u finish that major project yet?
no im going 2 have 2 WLH this freakin weekend.

Twitter message:

guess ill have 2 WLH 2day so i can relax this wknd. sigh.
by Linn Ultimatihah September 12, 2009
A joke that is derived from sarcasm. usually an insult.

Good sarcastijokes are extremely hard to retuyrn without seeming fake.
Allia: What is wrong with your hair lately?
Janet: I've just been so desperate to start a conversation with you.
Allia: Hmph. *pretends like she is really unaffected*
Christine: Janet can really get in some good sarcastijokes.

"You know, Car, maybe you should hold off on the sarcastijokes."
"Yeah, sure Sav. Why wouldn't i?"
by Linn Ultimatihah October 24, 2009
When you just have to be sarcastic. It doesn't even need to mean you are sarcastic all the time.

A nice reaction to insults, though.
"Hey! You dyed your hair! it's black now!"
"Really, Linn. i never would have figured that out."
"Nice compulsive sarcasm, Savvy."
"Gut reaction."

"God, you are so ugly. you should lose weight."
"You are so excellent at giving compliments."

"Why don't you just shut up, Kaila?"
"Because that would deprive all of you the sound of my lovely voice."
by Linn Ultimatihah October 15, 2009
Essentially a really obnoxious way to say you like something, or that it is good. I think it was originally some kind of Middle-east dance step that was popularized by some eighties song.

Expect strange looks if you ever use it.
Person One "We just won the soccer game."
Person Two "We rock the cazbah!"

"I just got an A on this test! I rock the cazbah!"
by Linn Ultimatihah May 05, 2009

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