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Did you receive?

Asks if the recipient received the previous message.

Usually asked if the recipient did not respond.

Frequently followed by:
Indicating a "yes or no" response.
LinkFox101113 (9:45PM):
How are you?

LinkFox101113 (9:46PM):

LinkFox101113 (9:48PM):

ALPHA101 (9:50PM):
Yeah, sorry. I fell asleep for a minute there... lol
by LinkFox101113 June 02, 2010
A quicker way to reload a rifle by pulling and holding the charging handle with the right hand as the left hand replaces the empty magazine with a new magazine. This is quicker because it streamlines the reloading and cocking of the rifle into one movement. This is not always possible as some rifles' designs will prohibit its use.
The Iraqi trooper was never even bothered taking cover in the firefight because he was kept near constant fire on the targets by performing several Iraqi reloads during combat.
by LinkFox101113 December 27, 2011
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