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5 definitions by Lingua Frank-a

The unpleasant order that can saturate fabric adjacent to a man’s taint, or grundel, after prolonged periods without access to dry-cleaning.
"Taint-a-nice-smell" on my Ludlow suit pants after two weeks at the climate meeting.
by Lingua Frank-a November 15, 2013
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D-burn is a condition affecting male or female genitalia the results from excessive d-blading or d-airboning. It is characterized by redness or swelling of the epidermis.
It's been a long two weeks at this climate meeting and I am severely D-burned. I think I need to use more D-lube.
by Lingua Frank-a November 21, 2013
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An innovation from the good people at Dyson technologies that moisturizes with a KY-derivitive mist to remedy excessive drying that may result from D-blading.
I was so dry after d-blading, thank goodness for the D-lube.
by Lingua Frank-a November 16, 2013
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The high speed column of air generated by Dyson technology that evolved after UN party complaints that the original concave design for insertion was not gender balanced.
The new D-airbone technology represents a small, yet important step for gender in international meeting washrooms and elsewhere.
by Lingua Frank-a November 14, 2013
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The sensation of sublime cleanliness that follows a thorough washing of one's posterior using the bathroom water nozzle provided in some parts of the world.
I am nostalgic for those days in Doha when I would leave the lieu feeling 'nozzle fresh'.
by Lingua Frank-a November 13, 2013
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