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A bowl of that seems like it has only enough pot left for about two more hits, but by an unexplained miracle, it lasts for eight or more tokes.

From the traditional Hanukkah story in which a lamp appeared to have only two days of fuel left, but by a miracle, provided light for eight days.

c.f. Hanukkah joint, Hanukkah bong, etc.
Jerry: "Well, Dave, it looks light this bowl is beat like Rodney King, but why don't you hit that and see if we can squeeze two more tokes from it."
(passes almost cashed bowl to Dave)

Dave: "Man, actually, I got a good hit from it. Kim, why don't you take a hit"
(passes bowl to Kim)

Kim: "I don't know where this is coming from! If we get a few more tokes, it looks like we might just have a Hanukkah bowl (or joint, bong, etc.) on our hands here!"
by Lingin May 05, 2010

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