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The lobby area in an anime or video game convention where generally people tent and look at their merchandise.
Example Man A: Where is Example Man B?
Example Man C: Last time I saw him was over at couch con with some girls.
#couch #con #convention #anime #resting #tenting #tent
by Lindsey D May 10, 2007
"Tenting" or using a "tent" refers to the vieo game item "tent" which allows you to replenish all of your energy. In real life context, tenting is taking a break from any taxing activity.
Mall shopper A: Gosh, I'm tired. We've been walking a lot.
Mall Shopper B: Well, lets tent. We can sit on the couches then head to the food court.
#video games #resting #rpg #slang #tenting #final fantasy #anime #conventions
by Lindsey D May 10, 2007
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