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This really cool girl who lives in Kennesaw, Georgia with a smokin' hot body. Her whole family has interesting names like this, but hers is far more awesomer than Ari or Durian. She has a new guy expressing their love to her about every other week, but she remains to keep it cool. She isn't a whore, which is kind of odd because if I looked like that, I'd turn out to be the biggest slut this town has seen. Oh yeah and she lives down the street from Joe. And she lives across the street from these black people who stash marijuana in their floorboards. Issac lives down the street too, but he's Jewish so no one cares. She's recieved many nicknames, the most popular being Fagnuleo(which somehow formed from disorting her last name). Soleraitis is a disease, meaning someone who has become very fond of Solera. All in all, Solera's pretty much amazing.
Dude, lets call Solera and invite her to our pool so we can see her in a bikini!
Hell yeah, and then we can give her a few shots and maybe she'll take it off!
by Lindsayyyyyyy June 13, 2008
A disease someone catches when they become highly attracted to Solera. Most express their love to her, hoping she'll give them a chance, but she usually doesn't, for the mere fact that the majority of them are creepy.
Dude, I swear I would tap that ass so hard!
Sounds like you've caught Soleraitis.
by Lindsayyyyyyy June 13, 2008

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