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Shoe Balls are similar to blue balls. One gets shoe balls by shopping for amazing shoes but not actually making a purchase. The shoe balls condition can be compounded by trying on shoes in the store, thus realizing how much pleasure the shoes can bring you if you were to buy them, but ultimately not bringing any shoes home due to time or budget constraints. The shoes act as a major tease and can actually leave an aching in one's heart and soul, and potentially even one's crotch (depending on the severity of the shoe addiction and the price/sexiness of the shoes).
Lindsay visited the Stuart Weitzman shoe store on Fifth Avenue, then went to the shoe floor at Saks, but didn't purchase anything. She left with a major case of shoe balls.
by LindsayM November 04, 2011
Planus (n): the small circular opening on the rear of an air plane, where the exhaust is released. The anus of the plane.
Check out that planus! It looks old and overused.
by LindsayM April 28, 2009

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