80 definitions by Lindsay

To be agreeable about or towards something
-You wanna go see a movie on Friday?
-I'm all over it.
by Lindsay July 18, 2003
Rap produced by a sexin texan and a...vermonter's daughter (for lack of a better rhyme). The Vermonter is not a cow by any means, she does however partake in cow-tipping.
Hey hey hey! You hear that new rap song by texmont?It's so ill!
by lindsay November 01, 2003
cheap thrills. getting over excited.
he's getting lullipisquins. can be shortened to lulli ie. what a lulli
by Lindsay February 12, 2004
extreme likfing for, little less than horney
All the boys are Bambooseled by Tina Vera;The hottest grl in school
by Lindsay June 12, 2003
Someone who burns chip in a camp fire for the hell of it
Jenna and Lindsay are such Chip burners!
by Lindsay June 11, 2004
a girl i am in love with even though i'm a straight girl.

mary-kate olsen is the prettiest girl alive.
"that girl is a mary-kate"
by Lindsay March 23, 2005
a proper name; a sex goddess; one who walks among the stars
'Stareena, may I buy you a diamond?'
'My God she is just like Stareena!'
by Lindsay June 19, 2004
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