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A cool band that's kind of alternative-emo. Record company:Drive-Thru Records
I just bought Steel Train's CD. It rocks.
by Lindsay October 12, 2004
It means Whats Happinin'. OR Whats up?
Whats crackalackin' Homee G Dawg?
by Lindsay January 22, 2004
A record company with cool bands such as New Found Glory, The Early November, Something Corporate, The Starting Line, Finch, Steel Train and others.
I just bought the Drive-Thru Records 2003 Tour CD.
by Lindsay October 11, 2004
a booger that is hanging in mid air attached to a nose hair that can't be seen. seems to be an illusion.
Jennifer had an illusion booger.
by Lindsay November 05, 2002
A state of mind or demeanor that one has when they are ready to party. If you are ready to party, you have your gameface plastered on, and if you aren't you have it stashed in your pocket. A group of people who are always ready to party might be nicknamed the "gameface girls" or "gameface guys"
If you call a friend and ask them to go out, you might say.."is your gameface on tonight, or is it in the pocket?" And they would reply "my gameface is plastered! come pick me up!"
by Lindsay January 24, 2005
A taxon broader than genus and narrower than order
by Lindsay April 03, 2005
Kinda hot spanish comedian.
Woah, Pablo Francisco will be at the Orlando Improv in April, and I'm going to go.

Daaaaaaaayum I'd do PABLO FRANCISCO.
by Lindsay March 07, 2005
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