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80 definitions by Lindsay

A girl who sticks up for her man whenever he needs her. Popularized by Ja Rule in early 2000.
My girl pulled a gat on the po's last night..for real ; she's a down ass bitch.
by Lindsay October 06, 2003
When something is wonderful, marvelous, great, amazing, and fantastic, exquisite sums up all of these words in one.
That pasta was exquisite mother.
by Lindsay December 05, 2004
It's an online game which people (myself included) sometimes play when they have no life and take an intense interest in politics.
The Website:

by Lindsay February 16, 2005
A quite beautiful state in Northeastern America. Home to hicks, chicks, and ice slicks. I lava VT! VT REPRESENT!
dude u see that foliage? thats vermont! It's so ill!
by Lindsay November 04, 2003
Delaware, one of the most unknown places on the planet. Most people are misleaded into thinking that Delaware was a part of Pennsylvania in colonial times, when really, Pennsylvania was apart of Delaware. A lot of people would say that it might as well be apart of Pennsylvania, which I disagree with, because Delaware is a place of its own. Some may say it's boring in Delaware, when there are TONS of things to do. Harmless tax free shopping can be a fun thing to do on a Saturday night at Concord Mall, Christiana Mall, Rehoboth outlets, Rehoboth boardwalk, and way more places. Despite that there aren't any concert venues or amusement parks; we do have 1 Ferris wheel. Delaware could be its own country. In the North; it's filled with fast speaking and party-goers. The central; farmers. And the last part, Slower lower Delaware; Rehobeth boardwalk, which is a hot spot for gays and lesbians, beach, and kites.
Delaware isn't the typical hillbilly town it's thought to be.
by Lindsay May 19, 2005
a noise of exasperation when the world is getting too hectic.
by Lindsay February 26, 2003
Absurd, or dumb.
"Your opinions on that subject are completely asinine."
by Lindsay December 08, 2003