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80 definitions by Lindsay

a booger that is encrusted in your nose and it is painful to remove
Lindsay had a frosted flake in her nose.
by Lindsay November 05, 2002
four people that do everything together

see: losers with no friends
i love my musketeers.
by lindsay June 01, 2003
To un-invite somebody. After you have given an invitation you change your mind and go ahead and un-invite them. Ref: from the Seinfeld episode
I got an unvite. I've just been unvited!
by Lindsay November 26, 2003
A chick, that you bring to your place usually only after 11 o'clock, to get some bootie from!!
Neal had company over lastnight and almost broke the headboard!!
by Lindsay June 03, 2003
Something to call someone you respect or like and also offending people around you.
Oh my god, you're such a phag!
by Lindsay February 25, 2005
Based on the extremist animal rights group, one can use PETA as a means of expressing the extreme actions of yourself or someone else.
-So then I slashed that bitch's tires.
-Dude. That was way PETA.
by Lindsay July 18, 2003
total whore; skank; slut; unattractive cunt
OMG she was all over her man, she totally pulled a Grindle.
by Lindsay March 25, 2005