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1) to sum something up
so you like that chick?
yeah, she's hot.. in a nutshell.
by linds January 11, 2005
eager or obsessive about someone or something.
that girl is so keen on hooking up with you.
by linds January 11, 2005
1. To be a homosexual male: master of the cock

2. Someone/thing which you dont like very much
1. His lover is a cock master.
2. damnit leroy... why do you have to be such a cock master?
by Linds June 02, 2004
The funniest guy in stand up comedy, and a regular on Whose Line is it Anyway? and is often made fun of for being a bald Canadian.
As Colin once said, "I'll be your lightning rod of hate"
by linds March 31, 2004
the pubic hair region of peter doherty's p33n.
"OMG, there are crabs in the FORBIDDEN FOREST!"
by linds March 26, 2005
prolonged sex avoiding orgasm.
"We had some karezza the other night. My boyfriend didn't seem to like it.
by linds March 26, 2005
another way to say "atfu", a typo for stfu.
"Atfoo you whore! I hate you!"
by linds March 24, 2005

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