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A nap that you take before you go out to the bar/dancing so that you'll be more awake and have the energy to party more!
friend 1: "Hey what time should we meet... 7:00?"
friend 2: "No, better make it 8:00... I need to take a disconap first."
friend 1: "Hey, it's getting late; do you want to leave soon?"
friend 2: "Hells no! I took a disconap earlier, so I'm good to go!"
by LindaG October 10, 2006
Little boobies; small breats; bitty knockers.
Nicole Ritchie has tahinihinis, whereas Pam Anderson has Tahanahanas.
by LindaG October 10, 2006
Big boobs, large breasts, huge melons, etc.
Pam Anderson's got tahanahanas, but I only have tahinihinis.
by LindaG October 10, 2006
verb: To look up someone's number/address who lives in Canada.

noun: website upon which you can look up phone numbers/addresses that originate in Canada.
*walk up to a hottie in da club and say,"Hey I'm (insert name). Canada411 me, bitch!"

"I'm such a stalker! I totally went home and canada411-ed him!"

"I don't know that guy's number. Look it up on canada411, man."
by LindaG October 10, 2006
to get a female "hard-on"... as in it the clitoris gets ready for some lovin'. (whether or not it receives said lovin' is another, usually sad, story)
"That dude is so fucking hot, I just popped a clit!"

"You're so sexy you make me pop a clit."
by LindaG October 10, 2006

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