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a total babe and is extremely talented. he has a band is an actor and has flawless looks.
watch any of his movies and i guarantee that you will fall in love with him.
by linda March 04, 2005
übersexy, meaning ultimate sexy, sexy above all, sexiest, nothing sexier, etc.
1. She is übersexy!
2. Are you kidding me?! That girl is übersexy!
3. Olga is übersexy!
by Linda February 27, 2005
Something with potatoes in it.
That salad is incorpotated.
by Linda November 11, 2003
A manchild of Polish descent who marrys a woman 15 years older than him for her money. Gets fired from 10 minimum wage jobs a year. Displays pride in his rotten, garbage filled rusted blue car. Is Extremely stupid, cheap, a liar, and whiney baby. One would have a better conversation with a rock, than with a Rojewski. Cheats on his Ruth 24/7...not a true Rojewski, but just as dumb, allowing herself to be used.

A "man" who's family are the original characters portayed in all Polish jokes past and present.
Waitress 1: "Hey, that wanky Polack ran out, without paying!!! effing Turd!!!"
Waitress 2: Oh, man! I do believe you've been Rojewski'd!!!

A Little ditty, sung in the tune of Squarebob Spongepants:
"Who would live in a Pineapple if it was freeeee?...Spongejim Rojewsssskkkkiiii...!!!"
"Who's stupid, cheap and has ADD..? Spongejim Rojewwwwwssskkkiiii."
by linda April 30, 2005
Minun muppelo!
Markku on kiva.
by Linda January 29, 2004
a french kiss with the added delight of chocolate =P
Britney: with a taste of your lips im on a ride... your choclit tongue slipping under...
by Linda August 23, 2004
A new variation of classical dance. It is a cross between ballet and breakdancing.
damn!!! I wanna learn how to do the limmystar soon
by Linda December 23, 2003

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