44 definitions by Linda

The sexiest man ever!!!
Ville You're beautifull
what a wicked thing to do.. to make me dream of you
by linda May 20, 2004
"i love you" in hmong
kuv hlub koj Linda!!
by LiNdA December 29, 2003
Ordinary speech or writing, without metrical structure.
2. Commonplace expression or quality.
3. Roman Catholic Church. A hymn of irregular meter sung before the Gospel.
by Linda June 16, 2003
energetic, intelligent, free-spirited, girl who takes no shit from people. true at heart, true at mind.
thanae you are the greatest
by linda February 10, 2005
An ankle spanker is a huge penis that, when hard, could possibly rip open a horse. Often steped on by the owners friends.
Brittney!! Get off my ankle spanker!
by Linda December 26, 2004
Humongous thighs that rub together and spark when one walks..usually attached to an obese woman.
oh..oh..I warned you not to walk close to those huge hamlegs, your coat is ablaze!!!.
by Linda April 29, 2005
the process of banging, f*cking, having sex..
We were "zonking" in his parent's room and they walked in
by linda March 11, 2005

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