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-Another term for "for real?"
-used to express agreement
-showing a person that you're listening to what they're saying
-a way of saying "seriously? Wow"
Yasmine: hey, ya boys from up the street was fighting today
Will: word?
Yasmine: yup! The cops came and everything!
by LinaBeana June 10, 2010
Acting crazy or doing something that others don't agree with, mainly due because of anger.
-Wtf, why the hell he just gon choke me up cuz I got home late?!! Dat nigga shot out!
- dear sis, I'm doing fine in college, I just have some concern, I read my roomate's diary and she's talking about how she thinkin about going on a killing rampage...girl, I know u payed for a full tuition for me but I GOTTA GET OUTTA HERE, THIS CHICK IS SHOT THE FUCK OUT!
-as soon as I got out the salon a cop just started screaming at me telling me to "get on the ground now", nigga pleeeze! I just got my hair and nails done, he shot the fuck out.
by LinaBeana June 06, 2010
Used in texting, email, blogs, etc, its short for Cracking The Fuck Up;
Laughing really hard,
Bob: what do you call a dead blonde in a closet
Tom: I don't know, what do you call her?
Bob: Last year's hide-n-go-seek champion!
Tom: hahaha ctfu good one.
by LinaBeana June 10, 2010
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