1 definition by Limna

Its a town of around 16,000 people most of which are eaither alchy natives shtting all over the the public washrooms or young girls getting pregnant. Unless you are blessed with hight surplusing 6 feet walking the streets alone at night in certain areas is very stupid. Kenora has a lot of beautiful scenery but its sometimes hard to see past the drunk homeless and tweaked out druggies roaming the streets. Also If you google Wendigo lore Kenora comes up alot.
I was in Kenora and had to shit I went into the zellers restroom and ran right back out. I found and alley to shit in and got beat up by homless people. I then ran for the woods and saw a pregnant teen getting eaten by a Wendigo. all in all a fun experience.
by Limna March 18, 2011

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