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any epic, ground shatteringly awesome, awe-inspiring, win composed, or blindingly cool thing. Also an extreme version of the word boss.
Ray: " See that movie that came out called boobs and firepower?"
Carl: " Yeah bro, it was pretty voss."
by limmy bardin April 09, 2011
Abbreviating any word that is already short enough, often used by gay guys. Also means using texting abbreviations in verbal speech.
When tom said his girl's jacket looked fab, I was pissed off by his repeated use of abbrevigaytion.
by Limmy bardin February 07, 2010
Female version of the bro-fist often used by bitchy females after a rude comment was issued, also used when something funny was said.
Sarah: Did you see that loser Shaun hit on me?"
Jennifer: Yeah i heard you pantsed him and told him to go die, hahah"
Sarah: Bitchfist!"
*Sarah initiates bitch fist by putting out fist*
*Jennifer does the same and hits fists with her*
by limmy bardin May 01, 2011
Excellent use of urbandictionary terms, that creates an air of coolness.
Charles was always the life of the party because of his urbannial diction, which allowed him to always have the best words for any situation.
by Limmy bardin February 07, 2010
an involuntary twitch or movement after an unexpected bitch-slap delivered by a more powerful figure.
Carla was slapped mid-sentence while in the mall and had a bitchtwitch so forceful she knocked down a clothing rack.
by Limmy bardin February 07, 2010
Marrying a cruel heartless woman you no will make you sick your entire life and possibly drive you to suicide.
Drew commited suicbride upon marrying lily, whom we both knew was a terrible village destroying monster, and would pester him forever.
by Limmy bardin February 07, 2010
to incorrectly label someone, gay,racist,dumb, or anything theat they arent.
My friend had me marked up, when he asked if I was going to pay for my girlfriend's dinner, dress, and limo ride, after i found out she had been cheating, Im not that dumb.

When i see guys watching Hannah Montanna they are instantly marked up as failures.
by Limmy bardin February 07, 2010

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