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You have your i-Pod/i-Tunes on shuffle, you're jamming out doing your everyday thing, then BOOM! song switches to a completely irrevelant song and ruins your exuberant mood.
Frank: Man, I was rocking out to "The Chili Peppers" earlier I got in my usual calm, moviated mood then BOOM! ..my wife's "Rocket Summer" starting playing and I just lost all hope..

Bob: Ahh! Frank I'm sorry. Sounds like a iTune buzzkill.
by Limabina May 02, 2009
The definition of T-mail is just like "e-mail" expect it's via text. Text mail.
A text message would be an example of t-mail.

Frank: hey man, my internet is down just tmail me.

Bob: will do.
by limabina April 21, 2009

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