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A tv show or special that appeals to men; one in which guys prefer the viewing company of other men. A show that guys hate to watch with women for various reasons (ie: the rules are too difficult to expain, the jokes are unappreciated, etc).

Note: some women are awesome and can enjoy a brogram with the guys quite well!
Girlfriend: Tell me again why you're watching the football game at John's house instead of here with me!

Boyfriend: We've been through this! It's our Brogram! I'll come back and we'll watch something you'd actually enjoy!
by Lillyblume February 18, 2012
Watching an auction that you never intend to participate in, just to see how high it will go.
Person 1: Yo! I can't believe that cup went for $150 on Ebay!

Person 2: How do you know it went that high?

Person 1: Shoot, I was auction stalking it all night!
by Lillyblume December 21, 2010
The natural inclination to do "manly" things around your buddies. This includes, but is not limited to: scratching your balls around your buddies, burping, farting, picking your nose, etc.
Guy 1: Hey dude! Is John's girlfriend going to watch the game with us?

Guy 2: Don't know, why?

Guy 1: Think about it man...we won't be able to be ourselves...our bropensity got's to be in check!
by Lillyblume February 18, 2012

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