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Someone who is attracted to things/people that are feminine, or have some feminine qualities. The attraction is usually sexual and/or emotional.
You may be attracted to the feminine qualities in not only women, but men also... or even inanimate objects, places, songs, or pieces of art - if you want to go that far!
It is related to pansexuality in that you are not just attracted to one gender, but more a quality that a gender or person or something else might have.
The object of affection can either be totally feminine, or have unique mix of feminine added to it to make it really attractive to a naisexual.
by Lilium Corsica February 08, 2007
A swear... an exclamation. something you say when frustrated and no other swear really does it.
Looking through the sales rack, you can't find anything that is your size...muttering things under your breath, like 'frk...frkin fracking ficckidy...grr...' you finally just exclaim "oh judy!". Sometimes just "JUDY!".

Usually it's just 'oh JUDY!'

Can replace thigns like: dammnit, fuck, crap, etc.
by Lilium Corsica February 08, 2007

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