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Adidas, a term sometimes used by Crips or Folks (usually LA oriented and represented by the color blue) to insult Bloods (represented by the color red) and/or warn them away from territory and/or announce when a Blood gang member might be executed by a Crip or Folk.

A: At
D: Dawn/Dusk
I: I
D: Dust
A: All
S: SLOBS (usually the 'B' (representing 'Blood') will be crossed out in the word SLOB as a warning if someone just writes 'SLOB' as a threat or insult. SLOB is an insulting word for Bloods while the word CRAB is an insulting word for Crips)

There are variations on the actual wording of the acronym Adidas, but when used in gang culture it is a threat to Bloods and people affiliated with Bloods.
Lyrics from US West-coast, Long Beach, CA rapper Crooked I:

"Street-life soldier
Heater keep smokin’ like a peace-pipe
Put you in the breeze like doja
Being nice is over
Adidas ni***r, each strike Cobra
Teaching money to speak like Oprah"
by Lilitu September 02, 2009

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