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Some one who's whole life and purpose seems to be to download and sample pornography they talk about it all the time and quite simply drive you crazy
"My mate steve is a porn crusader he has a 200 gig hard drive full of porn."

"Thats nothing my mate tony likes that japanesse stuff you know the chicks with ****!"
by Lilikin March 03, 2005
Someone who is on the porn he spend his life finding and abusing himself with porn, he has a 200 gigabyte hard drive full with the filthiest pictures and still 'crusaders' after more
"my mate steve is a porn crusader he quests after porn, he even likes the sick stuff from japan where the chicks have ****s, but he gets that mostly from tony who is into that stuff he is a porn crusader to and together they go on a porn crusade
by Lilikin March 03, 2005

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