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person that a certain Elizabeth wants
"Osita has a firm behind."
by Lila February 13, 2003
AKA weed, pot, marijuana, etc
You got some of the green tobaccy?
by Lila January 11, 2004
the place in which the pastime of the lord took place.
there is a temple called The Remunalila.
by lila January 11, 2005
1. n. an explosive devide
2. n. cool or awesome, (the bomb)
3. v. to smoke weed, get stoned
1. We have bombs
2. That shit's the bomb!
3. Yo wanna bomb?
by Lila January 11, 2004
a free downloading service online
I am not so sure about Blobb, but Kazaa gave me many troubles. Once my computer recovers, perhaps I will look into this blobb.com service.
I wonder if it has spyware.
by Lila January 17, 2004
This is a combination of two words 'fanny' and 'mostache.....sureley you can imagine what this means (if you cant then it is the name used for a girls pubic hair region)
oi! biatch...do you av a fantash?!
by lila May 01, 2004
in no way affilated with being niave or aggressive,instead more so passive to anything.
I.R. Sheepish to what you say. In other words: "i don't give a fuck!"
by Lila December 14, 2004

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