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Yaoi is a term used to describe adult themes and graphic materials centering on romantic relationships between two (or more) males (always NC-17+ rated). Yaoi is actually a Japanese acronym shown below.

YAma nashi (Without climax)
Ochi nashi (Without conclusion)
Imi nashi (Without content)

Yaoi is basically a PWP. Like the components that make up its name, yaoi does not have a point, meaning, or end (seemingly), seeing as it is, most often, just graphic sex, and, in no ways limited in explicit descriptions of foreplay.

Some can argue that yaoi is not meaningless. However, yaoi is often utilized in shounen-ai pieces, which concentrate on the plot. Yaoi, itself, is the detailed description of the sexual process, which can be easily left out of the piece without changing the depth of the story. Still, it is according to preference whether one would want to read/see a simple lime or a full-blown lemon. Of course, there are people who favor plain shounen-ai.
This fanfiction is shounen-ai, as Male #1 and Male #2 are attracted to each other. Warning: This story contains YAOI, as Male #1 and Male #2 will have graphically-described sex with each other.
by LilPurplFlwr May 16, 2005

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