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1 definition by LilD_M

The best drinking game ever. Played with 4 or more players.. you could play with less but that would be LAME.

A- Waterfall: Whoever draws the Ace begins to drink and everyone starts drinking (clockwise). No one can stop drinking until the person before them stops drinking
2- You: whoever draws the 2 can pick whoever they want and that person has to drink
3- Me: whoever draws the 3 has to drink
4- Whores: all the girls have to drink
5- Categories: whoever draws 5 chooses a category (beer, condoms, etc) and everyone has to name something within that category. if someone can't think of something new to add to the category or repeats something that's been stated, they must drink
6- Dicks: all the guys have to drink
7- Heaven: everyone has to point to the sky and the last person to point upward has to drink
8- Date: whoever draws 8 chooses someone that has to drink with them every time they have to drink
9- Rhyme: whoever draws 9 begins a rhyme and everyone has to keep it up. whoever can't think of the next rhyme drinks
10- Never Have I Ever: Hold up 3 fingers and name things you've never done. If someone has done them they put their finger down. Whoever is left with no fingers has to drink
J- Back: whoever drew previously drinks
Q- Question Master: whoever draws the Queen has the power to ask questions. whoever answers the question has to drink
K- King: Whoever draws the King gets to create a rule and whoever breaks the rule drinks
"Let's play King's Cup and get wasted tonight."
by LilD_M September 24, 2011
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