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When your at a family or friend gathering, and you dont wanna say byee to everyone cuz its annoying as hell; so you bounce unseen or unheard!
Wassup kid, its wack up in this piece, im about to "pull a whodini".
by Lil Triece July 10, 2008
For some reason, every latin person from the tri state calls burger king, "burber kings". Notice 2 things:

#1: the letter G is somehow misinterpreted as a B.

#2: notice that the letter S mysteriously makes its way after "king", as if there were many kings @ burber king.
Pito: How about we go to Iberia in Newark, I'm down for some paella.

Juancarlos: Na kid, I'm feenin for some burber kings; I gotsta get me some nuggets!
by Lil Triece July 10, 2008
a reference used to in the latin culture to signify a womans nether regions.

Also, alternate way of saying you had sex with someone.
Def 1: Yo, i was wit Maria last night, and her sss sss (whistle) was hangin out of her pants; its fat as hell kid!

Def 2:

Pablo: yo, did you sss sss (whistle) Awilda last night?

John: HellZ yea kid, we sss sss in her living room with her grandma in the other room!
by Lil Triece July 10, 2008
The epitome of modes. A level above beast mode.
Bro, i was playin my brother in Madden, and i scored 78 points on em! I was in straight up Triece Mode!
by Lil Triece July 10, 2008
the stupid word remy said when we were little when i asked him a question and he didnt know the answer
dave: hey rem, we watching wwf or ninja turtles?

remy: whatthing?

dave: (punch directly to his face for keeping saying that!)
by Lil Triece July 10, 2008
the PG way of saying ihueputa (spanish way of saying son of a bitch)

just short of saying that bad word, so you can say it at church or school or in front of your parents w\no problems
IHUEPOOT! I forgot my dam keys in the car.


Dam Awilda, your still eating you fat slob? IHUEPOOT! the foods not gonna run off the plate.
by Lil Triece July 10, 2008
When a girl has her period, she takes her panties off, then her tampon...what's left are blood crystals surrounding the muffal area, if you will. Dried up crystals of blood usually towards the ending of the "period"
I went to go finger my girlfriend, and when I pulled out, I had a hand full of blood crystals. Guess she was on the rag. Ew
by Lil Triece June 30, 2008

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