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4 definitions by Lil Herc

An old school drum machine that was popular in the 80 + 90 influencing rap and hip-hop
Chrome Hydraulics 808 Drums
You dont want, none
by Lil Herc February 17, 2005
A sweet tricked out 1964 cherry red impala
I put gold daytonas on my cherry 64
by Lil Herc February 17, 2005
Pimped out car. Red sixty four impala
I put gold Daytonas on that Cherry Six Four
by Lil Herc February 15, 2005
when you put your head between you a girls boobs moving it side to side to make you cheeks wobble while saying BRRRRuuuuuuuunSIN
i brunsined that girl last night.
by Lil Herc February 17, 2005