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Simply, cocaine, from the shortening of the misspelling of the pronunciation of llello], the Spanish word for cocaine.
From "Hopeless" by Ludacris:

Then my eyes turn red,
The sky turns grey,
Children slingin' white in the hood,
We call it "YAY!"
by Lil Dre March 19, 2006
(n) Ebonics for the number seven.
"I keep it crunk twenny fo'-sem!"
by Lil Dre March 21, 2006
1 -(n.) Any semi-automatic weapon; semi-shots, smg's, etc. (pronounced "seh-MEE")

2 -(n.) An 18-wheeler truck (pronounced "seh-MI")

1 - "Semi's are only half as fun as automatics."

2 - "Aparrently a semi loaded with cocaine and doritos rolled over on the freeway yesterday.
by Lil Dre March 19, 2006
To shoot someone in the head with a firearm: cuz if you shoot someone in the head while they're wearing a hat, you 'peel' their 'cap' off.
To 'peel a cap' in "Hood Took Me Under" by Compton's Most Wanted:

"This fool I thought was my homie, dropped a dime,
So I gotta peel his cap with the 9."
by Lil Dre March 19, 2006

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