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community restoration in progress
we dem real slob killaz and them eastside swillaz
by lil c November 12, 2003
nickname via internet for somebody named tom

works for other names as well : mateenz0r, paulz0r, bobz0r, etc.
nobody can beat teh tomz0r!
by lil c November 06, 2003
the dots on a dice
throughout the game he rolled 162 pips
by lil c November 12, 2003
the dots on a dice
in a game of backgammon, there is a count of your pips
by lil c November 12, 2003
a really nice pimped out car or anything of the sort
Aye yo, did u see Tims new bugged out escalade? he had them tight rims an' errthing!
by Lil C April 11, 2006
when you get caught by an authority figure, when doing something wrong.
"Maan, Luis got faded by the laws."
by Lil C November 03, 2002

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