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An ass that has been sweating due to extreme heat and has hit the perfect ripeness.
Dude, it is so humid that I am brewing some swamp ass right now.
by Lil Buhda March 28, 2008
The wrinkles around the puckered anus
I had to shit so bad I tore a sphincter wrinkle
by Lil Buhda March 28, 2008
The resulting concotion of a semi loose stool dropped in the toilet bowl. Usually after a night of hard partying and or Chinese Food. The brew tends to look like a brown watery mess with some lumpy burger in it...
Dude, after I partied late we hit the Chinese for some take out. Now I am fixing a batch of Dookie Stew.
by Lil Buhda March 31, 2008
A hottie that is somewhere between a Spinner and Cougar. Think of a chick that is the same distance from college graduation as she is from retirement.
I don't know how old she is dude... she's kinda a Spougar.
by Lil Buhda April 17, 2008
the sticky residue left behind when you white your buttocks poorly. Thinks ass mayo.

Also the residue that can occur if swamp ass is not dealt with in a timely manner. (see def of Swamp Ass)
Man I had swamp ass all day and now my butt crack is filled with dookienaise.
by Lil Buhda March 28, 2008

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